Jay is the 2018 National Auctioneers Association (NAA) -  International Auctioneers 2nd Runner Up Champion.  The most prestigious award given to Auction Professionals.  Jay has a clear rhythmic and entertaining chant (bid calling) that is just the right speed and always understandable. 

During Covid-19 outbreak we found that virtual gala fundraising can be just  as effective as live event fundraising.  We now have a detailed plan for the industries best practices for Virtual Gala Fundraiser.  For ideas email Jay Cash

As a second generation auctioneer Jay has conducted benefit auctions throughout North America raising millions of dollars for his clients over the last 10 years. 


Jay was one of the first auctioneers to become a “Benefit Auctioneer Specialist” (BAS), a designation given by the NAA.

Our team of auctioneers have solutions in place to assist you and your committee in running an efficient and profitable event.  We want you to save time and be efficient. Our team consists of accomplished auctioneers with advanced training and experience with all levels of benefits, galas and fundraising.

Jay Cash and our team of auctioneers are more than just  "bid callers" for the evening.  As YOUR Benefit Auctioneer we are equal parts ambassador and an energizing salesperson for your cause.  You will make more money with a Professional Benefit Auctioneer working for you!

We offer multiple pricing options that are certain to fit into your budget! There is comfort in certainty and we believe a transparent flat-fee structure is the fairest way to work with our fundraising partners.

We will conduct 60 professional fundraising events across North America in 2019 - We want to work with you!

Check out our videos of all our auctioneers on our team: Shane Mccarrell, Josh Kirby ... We want to work with you!

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