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Jay Cash, The Auctioneer

Jay Cash, is a second-generation auctioneer and specialized in fundraising for 17 years.  He is a director for the National Auction Association and holds the Benefit Auctioneer Specialists designation.


As Principal Auctioneer, Jay conducts 65+ events each year throughout the country and is based out of Murfreesboro, TN.

From church basements to the top floor of One World Trade Center in NYC,    We are THE Benefit Auction & Fundraising professionals with a proven record of working with non-profits across the country.   

 Our goal is to engage your donors on a deeper level and help craft an event where every guest  falls in love with your mission and leave talking about it for weeks and months to come!

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Our Philosophy 


From the time we take the stage until the last item is sold you will be represented in a manner that you can be proud of.   We are more than just the auctioneers who show up before the event, we are YOUR fundraising partner and brand ambassador for your organization. 


We share your mission and your vision and spend as much time with you to make this a success! 


Our Team of Auctioneers & Fundraising Ambassadors have a clear rhythmic and entertaining chant (bid calling) that is just the right speed and always understandable. 

We have solutions in place to assist you and your committee in running an efficient and profitable event.  We want you to save time and be efficient. 

We offer multiple pricing options that are certain to fit into your budget! There is comfort in certainty and we believe a transparent flat-fee structure is the fairest way to work with our fundraising partners.

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