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Creating More Donors

As I meet with clients from across the country I find many organizations face similar issues or making sure they have the RIGHT people in the room.

Best Practices For lIve Auction fundraising
Engaging Your Donors With Auctioneer

Only way to begin changing the landscape and expectations of your donor/audience is by incorporating words like "Fundraiser" "Auction" "Silent Auction" in all announcements, invitations and save the dates. We want our guests knowing we are going to have a fun night and a great party - but we will be there raising money. The ticket price alone is NOT your donation.

We work with groups all the time to build and create a better audience, ones who are prepared to give. We have many fun ways to engage buyers from the moment they enter our venue.

Another subtle way of creating a better donor audience is when guests check in,

greet them with a smile and say THANK YOU for coming, this is your

bidder number for donating tonight – We hope you can help us reach our goal of $100,000

tonight! (Or whatever number we choose)

This are very common sense ideas that get overlooked when you have volunteers and so many details pulling you in different directions. When you hire Jay Cash - THE Auctioneer, we take of these details and make sure we have our audiences prepared for donating! On Average, we raise $60,000+ In our first year with new non-profits. Let us work for you!

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