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Hiring A Charity Auctioneer - Is it worth it?

If you are the director of development /advancement of a non-profit or head of a private school - your job involves fundraising.

From bake sales to golf scrambles, to the highly anticpated fundraising gala event of the year.   At some point you probably utilize a live auction for your fundraising.  Saving Money Vs. The Cost of hiring someone to conduct your auction is stressful, especially when you could have your dynamic board member, favorite coach or local weatherman take the stage to conduct the auction... It can't be that hard to raise money can it?


Such as the case as Brenda Thompson Event Director for a non-profit in Atlanta.  For 10 years she conducted a succesful country rock concert, featuring a live auction and silent auction.  A few times they had utilized a paddle raise with little success.  The that was ever raised was a little over $80,000.  Until one day, they hired a professional. Here is her response to using JAY CASH, THE Charity Fundraising Auctioneer!

"As you probably recall from this year's Rock for Research event, we used Jay Cash as our auctioneer.  While talking with Jay yesterday he mentioned that he is communicating with your staff about auctioneering  and fundraising for your Foundations event.  Jay was an enormous asset in helping us exceed our $120,000 fundraising goal and topped off our benefit at $190,000 raised for our Research!  We were, at first, skeptical about the impact that Jay could have on our fundraising but are now believers that a good auctioneer can make a huge difference.  Jay cared about our cause and did a wonderful job, I know we would not have raised as much money without him.  If you wouldn't mind passing along a good word on his behalf." Jay can be reached by telephone at 615-785-8982 or by email at

Best Charity Auctioneers
Jay Cash Professional Charity Auctioneer


We can make your School, Charity or Foundation More Money.  We have multiple pricing options and we will share your vision for your event.   We will create a donor experience that will last a lifetime.  #CharityAuction #FundraisingIdeas #BenefitAuctioneer

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