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Create The Ultimate Fundraising Experience!

Make 2019 A Record Year For Fundraising!

Jay Cash Atlanta Charity Auctioneer
Create a donor experience that will last a lifetime!

Not Just An Auctioneer

Since 2007 Jay Cash has been conducting fundraising and benefit auctions and 2018 marks our busiest year yet with over 40+ Events Across 14 States!

Jay has experience and knowledge to help auction committee chairpersons achieve top dollar for trips, packages and one of kind items.  If you are conducting a fundraiser for your child's school that involves a live or silent auction, hiring a professional benefit auctioneer for your fundraising needs will make you more money!

Jay Cash, The Auctioneer is more than just your bid caller for the evening. As YOUR Benefit Auctioneer Jay is equal parts ambassador and an energizing salesperson for your cause

More Than Just Auctioneering

There are so many things you can do besides just conduct a live or silent auction.  We have a proven formula that can generate thousands of dollars.  These range from fun inclusive ice breakers that build community and excitement in the room all the way to some of the most creative and one of kind revenue generators.  

Retaining Jay Cash as your auctioneer entitles you to many years of experience and can enhance your event’s success with proven ideas and concepts that can lead to higher revenues and increased guest participation.

Our goal is to create a donor experience that will last a lifetime!  We want your board members, committee members and guest leaving the event feeling great about the time they had and the money they donated.  We know what it takes to raise money.  

Call Jay Cash- THE Charity Benefit Auctioneer 615.785.8982 or visit


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