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Recognize Your Top Donors

Jay Cash, Atlanta Charity Auctioneer
How Recognize Top Donors at Your Fundraiser!

Conducting over 50 Fundraising Events A Year- We get to see some clever ideas across the country. Recently I was talking to Trey Morris -A Professional Fundraising Auctioneer that we refer clients to when we are double/tripled booked about ways to recognize your top donors.

He shared with me what might be the most creative idea yet!

An easy way non profits can recognize your top donors from last year is with Golden Bidder Paddles at the event.  I’ve seen it in action and Its very rich and I think a sharp idea. If you were one of the top 10 donors from last year, you get a cool Golden Bidder Paddle at check in… We don’t really tell them anything special at that moment but it might state on the bid card - "thank you for being one of our top donors in 2018..." At the start of the live auction, where we thank whoever needs to be recognized - we use that time to also recognize all of the donors with Gold Bidder Paddles  “Ladies and Gentleman, These donors represent the top 10 donors (or top percentage of donors) from last years record breaking event!”   It makes them feel important and good about their contributions and He saw first hand people wanting to spend more just so they could be top % of donors for next year.

Jay Cash is a licensed fundraising / charity auctioneer, conducting events in Atlanta, Nashville, Huntsville, Birmingham, Louisville, Indianapolis, Chicago, New York, Connecticut, California and all parts in between!

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